Deng Pufang Chairman

China Disabled Persons' Federation


20 years have elapsed since l became a handicapped.Life has taught me to understand the profound significance of rehabilitation. 

In the early 1970s'.I learned that Prof.Chen Jing-yun had submitted three times to the concerning departments his petition for the establishment of rehabilitation hospitals in China. However, it can be imagined that during those years, such a valuable proposal had no chance to be accepted .In 1980,I went to Canada for medical-treatment with Dr, Armstrong. After the surgical operation, the doctor asked me to stay in Ottawa to undergo some rehabilitation training of course, his advice was absolutely right, but when thinking of thousands upon thousands of handicapped people in my country who were desperately crying for appropriate rehabilitation services, I decided to go back home immediately to help establish our own rehabilitation centers.

Once back in China, I first talked over my plan to Mr. Wang Lu-guang, and found out that our wishes were so identical. We therefore started to draw up the blueprint for the rehabilitation centre (CRRC). Since then, I began my career as a worker for the handicapped. 

In April 1983, eight veterans, namely, Mr. Hu Zi-ang, Mr. Ji Fang, Mr. Hua Luo-geng , Mr. Zhao Pu-chu , Mr. Huang Ding-chen,Mr. Li Wei-han, Mr. Zhang Bang-ying, and Mr. Wu Zuo-ren together with Dr. Huang Jia-si and other 11 medical experts made seperate proposals to the relevant departments of the government in supporting of the establishment of rehabilitation centers. These proposals were then endorsed by Mr. Cui Naifu, Minister of Civic Affairs and Mr. Cui Yueli, Minister of Public Health. By virtue of their gracious support, this project was officially placed on the agenda of the government.

CRRC had won great concern from the Chinese government and the people’s government of Beijing Municipality, and received enormous support from people of all walks of life in the society. During the whole process of the construction, our rehabilitation workers, architects, construction workers and administrative personnel’s at different levels demonstrated their untiring efforts and pioneering spirits which will always remain fresh in the memories of our people. 

In addition, the governments of Japan, Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as different organizations in Hong Kong rendered tremendous support to the building of CRRC . Dr. Harry S. Y. Fang, former President of Rehabilitation International and Mr. Naoichi Psuyama, President of the Japanese National Rehabilitation Centre also offered consistant advice and supports. I wish to avail myself of this short remark to express my heartfelt thanks to all friends in the world oho helped bring CRRC into reality. 

Along with the progress of the building of the centre, our fields of work have also been expanded substantially. Consequently we have established the China Fund for the Handicapped, and the China Disabled Persons Federation. Furthermore, the Chinese government recently issued “The Five-Yeas Working Programme for the Handicapped”.All this shows the continuous development of the undertakings of handicapped people. And more importantly, it has proved that our endeavor represents a just cause that enjoys abundant support. By virtue of this, the socialist humanitarianism has been gradually accepted by the public. This fact perhaps is most relieving and encouraging.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Centre, I wish to express my warm congratulations, and hope that it will contribute to the development of rehabilitation services for the handicapped and serve as an important training base for professional rehabilitation workers. I also wish that it will serve as a bridge for the communication and exchanges between the Chinese and international rehabilitation communities. May CRRC light up the hope of millions of Chinese handicapped people.

Deng pufang           



Li Jianjun

Director of China Rehabilitation Research Center 


China Rehabilitation Research Center(CRRC), a state owned institution affiliated with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, provides comprehensive rehabilitation and social services to the disabled, carries out scientific research, offers professional training, conducts information exchange and serves as a technical resource of Chinese rehabilitation network. 


In November 1983, the State Council approved the proposal for establishing China Rehabilitation Research Center, which was issued by Mr. Hu Zi’ ang and some other social figures, together with Mr. Huang Jiasi and some other medical experts. 

In April 1986, construction of CRRC commenced. 

In November 1987, the China Rehabilitation Center for Physical Disability was renamed the china Rehabilitation Research Center. 

On October 28,1988, the completion ceremony of CRRC’s construction was held. CRRC was opened.



Combining modern rehabilitation medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, CRRC provides medical, educational, occupational, psychological and social rehabilitation and engineering services to disabled people in order to maximize or restore their functional abilities and facilitate their reintegration into society. 


conducts scientific research in the field of rehabilitation medicine and practical technology. Medical research is now directed towards clinical rehabilitation such as functional regeneration and restoration following spinal cord injury, neural system injury or musculoskeletal injury. Technical research is focused on the utilization of biomedical poly-molecular material and the development of health care medicines.


develops, produces, and supplies aids and equipment to disabled people nationwide and provides maintenance and quality monitoring services. It also develops and produces rehabilitation training equipment, prostheses, orthoses and aids for activities of daily living(ADL aids).


In order to disseminate rehabilitation technology throughout the entire country, CRRC both offers professional training (including graduate students’ and undergraduate students’ training), and undertakes the compilation of authoritative rehabilitation text books and training materials. 


CRRC exchanges and researches information concerning rehabilitation, including relevant standards, methods, rules, policies, and prospects of , about, or for the disabled. It also makes suggestion to the government and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, as will as offers consultation and guidance to the public. 


CRRC is responsible for producing, publishing and distributing audio-visual materials concerning the disabled, assisting national publicity and educational organizations in the dissemination of information. 


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Zip Code:100077